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We are open again as usual for shooting. Full and probationary members are welcome as usual from Wednesday 21st July 2021. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings are available and the hours are listed below.

Weds = 1600 – 2100

Thurs = 1830 – 2130

Friday = 17:30 – 2100.

Monday evening shooting will be re-instated at a later date. In the meantime, if you wish to shoot, just turn up at the club at the days and times listed above! Please keep visiting this website to find out the most up-to-date information as we move away from the current Covid restrictions.

PLEASE ONLY ATTEND IF YOU ARE IN GOOD HEALTH, AND COVID-19 SYMPTOM FREE – Face masks are still available and can be worn by those who wish to do so. Hand sanitizer will also remain available. Please bear in mind that Covid-19 has NOT gone away and is unlikely to do so for some time if at all, so please respect each others personal space when in the club.

Thanks everyone, and welcome back to BRC.